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FranksBank is presently under re-construction. When the scaffolding comes down, look out for the new brick-work; lovely pointing.

In the meantime, if you would like to make contact in order to book some quality entertainment - or for anything else for that matter - please email me.


It's all going on...
FranksBank - Provider of: Brochure websites, photography and graphics/animations, custom fabrications, props, tables and most things you want built but can't just go out and buy.

FranksBank is run by Frank E Haschka - Professional Magician - providing entertainment through the art of magic.
Close-up and cabaret entertainment for dinner parties, parties, weddings, business/corporate functions, trade shows and more. Police checked, clean fingernails and a thoroughly decent chap, all you'll need to worry about is booking early enough. Based in South Wales, UK. Will travel as far as required.
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